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Family Lifestyle Photographer in Vancouver, Washington and the Portland Oregon Metro areas.

Authentic images that are...

Every image takes me back to a moment. Her little fingers wrapped around mine, those tiny wisps of hair. You will only live today once. I never hear people regret the photos that they've taken, but too often I hear the regrets of those that were not taken. I love freezing the moment, preserving a memory, and I am honored to give this gift to you.




I fell in love with the beauty of photography when I had my first child. But I quickly realized that time does not hold still.

From "just us two" to "us plus two," the photos you take of your family today will become your first family heirlooms. They will fill the pages of the albums you open at the dinner table 20 years from now with your family on holidays. They'll be the images your kids show their kids when they want to talk about "the good old days." They'll be the images we cling to when loved ones are no longer with us. Document it now, document it well, and document it often.

If social media were to disappear tomorrow, what matters most is that you have real, tangible images.


Her calm demeanor set me and my family (with an energetic toddler) at ease. I appreciated all of her direction, and our resulting photos are truly gorgeous."

"Crystal was amazing to work with.

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