I picked up my first professional camera as a newly wed with a desire to document the beauty of life and our adventures. As my family started growing so did my love for photography. Once I had my first child I realized that photography wasn't just a hobby for me to document lifes important milestones but a necessity to freeze those special moments in time. I am proud that when my children grow up they can look back at all the heirloom and timeless images that I have captured for them.

Hey! I'm Crystal...a family, maternity, and newborn photographer serving the Portland Metro and surrounding areas. 

I realized that I am right where I was called to be. I needed that nudge to pursue photography as a career and haven't looked back since. I love being the photographer that grows in seasons with my clients. The newly engaged couple, your glorious wedding day, the moment life starts growing inside of you, your newborn baby, the rough toddler stage, and the bittersweet teenage years. I am here to capture that for your family year after year. 

When I started getting pushed and nudged to photograph by close family and friends...I felt a whole new kind of love.

Our photos all came out beautifully! I hope we get another chance to have Crystal capture more moments for our family in the future."

"She was easy to work with, communicated well all through the planning process, and was so kind throughout our photo session.

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